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This year our Year 5/6 pupils have been working with a company called BE Design.  BE Design are an innovative architecture and design comany local to Newark. Our chidlren were challenged to design a leisure facility that contained a second floor and reception area. From this brief, they had to design the building and then replicate this onto the computer using the SketchUp programme. This project has taught the pupils skills needed to use CAD (Computer Aided Design).  Our students have thoroughly enjoyed using SketchUp to create their designs and the company have been impressed with the quality of their work!


"Making your own design of a building was great!" - Miami (Year 6)


"I thought it was very good because you could use your imagination at the same time as using the computers." - Jlya (Year 5)


"It was a fun experience exploring the SketchUp programme" - Cameron (Year 6)


"I liked it all in general; building the facility and learning how to use the tools." - Kasey (Year 5)





Examples of the children's work