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Past Pupils' Testimonies

Generations of pupils have been through their journey at the Mount C of E Primary School. Here are some of our past pupils' memories of their time at our school.

Robson Worthington (22)


The teachers at the school were amazing and were lots of fun. You could have a laugh with them. I enjoyed playing rounders and also football. I made friends for life who I am still in touch with now. Then I went to secondary school where I got bullied and didn't get any of my GCSEs. No-one thought I would go anywhere in life so I went to college and studied National Diploma Sport Coaching and Education Level 3 for two years. I worked at the old Grove and trained to be a lifeguard and got many more certificates such as level 3 leisure management, metafit, spin etc. Now I work at the new leisure centre doing my own class and am becoming a Personal Trainer. I also work at Suggy's Gym teaching Metafit and doing some PT.

Joshua Kent (14)


I thought that the teachers were good fun and they had a laugh with you. I enjoyed playing sports and was part of all of the teams. I made lots of friends there who I am still friends with now. Looking back now, I realise how much the teachers care about the children and want the best for us. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the Mount School. Mrs Kelly got me into hockey when I was in Year 3. I played for the school team and then she put me in touch with Newark Hockey Club. 6 years later and I play hockey for Nottinghamshire County U15s and Newark Men's 3rd and sometimes 2nd team.

Kristopher Ellison ( 31 )


I remember Mrs Whitaker bringing her dog, George into school every day. I used to do errands for Mr Richardson each day. When I moved on to Secondary School my exam results were not great but I was determined to prove people wrong who thought I wouldn't make anything of myself. Now I am a HGV driver and I have put myself through many tests to maintain my job.

Jennifer Ellison (24)


I really enjoyed sports at Mount and I remember playing netball. I got lots of medals and represented the school in competitions. I loved going on holiday with my friends with school and I am still friends with lots of my Mount School friends now. I have moved on to working in personnel at Ambitions.

Gary Worthington (19)


I really enjoyed my time at the Mount and made lots of friends. I really enjoyed doing sports. Whilst there I was diagnosed with ADHD and received lots of help and support. I went on to college to do Sports Science and am now going on to university to study Criminology.