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Monday 11th January

Tuesday 12th January

Recognising 2 Twos

Hold a small object in each hand. Join with a partner and practice saying the sentence, 

'we have 2 lots of ... 2 cars, 2 teddies, 2 bricks'.

In pairs look at each other to see how many 2 lots of 2 you can see on your bodies, 

'I see 2 lots of eyes'.

'I see 2 lots of arms'

'I see 2 lots of ears'

'I see 2 lots of legs' etc

Extend the vocabulary to find nostrils, eyelids, ear lobes, elbows

Wednesday 13th January

Recognising 2 Twos

Using cubes, bricks, lego, how many ways can you break these up?

Explore using the cubes and find as many different ways eg. 1+1+1+1 or 2+2  and practise saying the sentence

'four is 4 ones'

'four is 2 twos'


Maths Eyes

Look around your home for different examples of 2 lots of eg. chair legs, table legs

Thursday 14th January

Pirate Treasure

Use your salt dough pirate coins.

Use 4 coins to group into 'lots of  twos'. Practice saying the sentence 'I see 2 lots of two'. Then use 6, 8, 10 coins saying the sentence 'I see __ lots of twos'. Keep practising using up to 10 coins.

Explore grouping the rest of the coins into twos when they are confident using 10 coins and saying the sentence correctly.

Friday 15th January

Representing 2 twos

Give the children some actions to do that involve two moves of two eg. jump, jump, pause, jump, jump.

Show 2 identical containers with 2 objects inside each one eg. 2 cups of 2 buttons. Using some paper, ask them to draw this to show 2 lots of 2 in their own way.