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Friday 11.06.21


Practise: ancient       owl       awl       prowl       brawl


Using the internet, research a different topic that poses a threat to the our global climate and collect more facts as you have done in English this week. Remember, we've already covered:

  • Plastic in our Oceans
  • Threats against Rainforests
  • Global Warming

You could pick any topic you like, for example air pollution, non-recyclable waste in landfills, food waste and it's impact on the earth and mankind etc...


Make bullet point notes on your findings and try to use statistics (facts with %!)



Complete the following reading comprehension.


Using craft materials you can find around the home, try and create an underwater creature to go with our display for 'Saving our Oceans'. Remember, we have lots of jellyfish already, so get creative and think outside the box! It would be great to have more fish, crustaceans, starfish, shells and larger mammals like dolphins and whales! Here's some ideas below: