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RSHE at the Mount 

At the Mount we use 'Talking Points' to support delivery of the RSHE (relationships and health education) curriculum. 'Talking Points' is a Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing and Relationships Curriculum for Primary Schools, taking full account of the DfE Guidance for the new RSHE curriculum.

Our curriculum has been set out in such a way that promotes pupil talk. Each unit in each year group is linked to a quality text and uses children's picture books to start age appropriate discussions about topics covered. Children are encouraged to take part in discussions and activities. We also aim to encourage a love of reading and to increase vocabulary understanding. 

A sample of the books used as part of our RSHE curriculum across the school


Developing Myself

Building Relationships

Year 1 Looking after your teeth

Year 1 Be kind to others

Year 2 Making good choices about what is good for your bodies

Year 2 Be able to discuss how yourself and others actions affect people

Year 3 Be honest and truthful

Year 3 Be able to discuss rights and responsibilities in my relationships with friends and family

Year 4 Be able to talk about dreams and aspirations

Year 4 Be able to compromise with others

Year 5 Be able to set goals and targets for yourself

Year 5 Be able to see how relationships can be unhealthy and know what to do

Year 6 Be able to discuss what sort of person you want to be

Year 6 Be able to see both sides of an argument and not join in