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Monday 8th February

What do you notice about the picnic food in this picture? (the Numberblocks have the amount of food items to match their own number) Is it fair?

Tuesday 9th February

Counting without Touching

Count the ducks on the pond.

How did you count them? Can you think of another way to count them?

Look at the picture below. What can you see? These are the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet)

Count and name the colours of the rainbow. How can you count these without touching the colours? Name the colours and tag with your fingers then count your fingers from the inside out, or the outside in.

How can we count these apples?

Model counting incorrectly by tagging an apple twice and saying there are eight.

How can we make sure we only count each apple once?

Wednesday 10th February


Using a selection of 7 objects, select a number of objects for children to estimate (have a sensible guess).

How can we find out how many objects? Count them.

Model putting the objects in a line and counting them by touching the objects and saying the number at the  same time. Remind the children that it doesn't matter if it's wrong as long as it's a sensible guess. Choose different quantities so children have chance to estimate different amounts then write down the answers. Count the objects and check the answers.

Thursday 11th February

7 or not 7

Sort collections of objects into groups of 7 or not 7. Compare quantities to 7. How can you check to see if there are more than or less than 7 objects?

Friday 12th February

Preparing Food for the Pirate Party

Leave out the picnic rug for the Numberblocks and allow the children to make and prepare food for the Numberblocks to  7.


Enjoy your pirate picnic !!!!