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Monday  25th January

Before you watch the video ask have you played Hide and Seek? What normally happens in the game?

Tuesday 26th January 

Different ways of changing the five shape

Make your own Numberblocks Five using the same colours, with either unifix cubes, lego or bricks.

Check you have 5 in your tower.

Change the shape of number Five. 'How many bricks are in your tower? Have you added any extra bricks? Have you taken any bricks away? You  still have number Five.'

Explore with your number Five different ways of changing the shape. Repeat the questions from above.

The children will soon realise that Five can be represented in different ways and shapes.


Draw your different Five Shapes. Send me a picture of your different Five shapes.



Wednesday 27th January

Making 5

Make a set of Numberblocks using the correct colours and hide them around your home-indoors or outdoors.

One jumps on top of Four and Five appears. Practise saying the sentence 'One and Four together make Five'. Send off the children to search for a 1 and 4 to make 5. How do we know its 5? Think of different ways eg. count all, count on from 4, compare to a 5 tower. Practise saying 'one and four together make five.' Hide one and four in a new place.

Two jumps on top of Three and Five appears. What did you notice? Practise saying the sentence 'Two and Three together make Five.' Search for two and Three to make Five. How do you know its Five? Think of different ways eg. count all, count on from 3 or 2, compare to a five tower. Hide Two and Three around your home in a new place. Keep playing and saying the sentence.

Thursday 28th January

Exploring different ways of making 5

Using water, explore containers that can hold 5 cups of water. Explore different ways to fill the container with cups of the same size but different colours eg. 1 red cup and 4 blue cups.

Practise saying '1 red cup and 4 blue cups together make 5 cups'

Friday 29th January

Hide and Seek

Look around your home and make collections of 5 objects eg. 1 teddy, 2 cars, 3 pens, 4 socks. If possible, take photos of the collections and print  them off. If that's not possible then draw pictures of the different collections. Leave the pictures in different parts of your home. Play 'Hide and Seek' where children have to look for 2 pictures of quantities that together make 5.

Practise saying the sentence '1 teddy and 4 socks together make 5'.

Remember to hide the pictures in different places for someone else to find.