Mount C of E Primary - School is closed today for INSET and will reopen on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 8.50am
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Write down some sentences saying what you could see through your telescope.

E.g. I can see a ..                  I can see a ..


Draw a picture of what a pirate might see on his adventure. Islands with treasure chests and palm trees? Sharks and other sea creatures?  Can you add some labels to your picture?


Look at the photo of our role play area in the classroom. Talk about what you can see on and around the Pirate ship. Can you find the eye patches? Can you see any treasure?

What can you see in the photograph?


Think about the 'Night Pirates' story. Talk about what could happen next. How do you think the pirates will get back their stolen treasure? 

Remember to talk clearly and slowly and in full sentences.