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Wednesday - Adding 1 

Make a staircase using bricks or Lego like the picture below.

What do you notice? ( each Numberblock gets 1 block taller)

Using the staircase towers, children must close/cover their eyes. Adults to remove a tower. Which tower is missing? How do you know? Muddle up the Numberblocks towers so they can be reordered.

Thursday - Comparing 2 Numberblocks

Make 2 towers of different sizes using Lego or bricks. Model how to compare 2 Numberblocks by lining them up side by side and counting on to find the amount of the second tower. Practice with different towers.

Friday - Writing Numbers 1-10

Using up to 10 objects. Adults to hold a small number of objects in their hands, child to estimate (have a  sensible guess) and write the number down. Check the amount by counting them and write down you actual amount. When counting, touch the objects and move as you say the number. How close were you to your estimated guess? Model number formation if needed.