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Monday 18th January

Tuesday 19th January

Quantities can be changed by adding or taking away

Using a tower of 5 cubes, bricks, lego, knock 1 cube off to show there are 4 cubes left. Now try with 4 cubes, 3 cubes, 2 cubes and 1 cube. 

Each time you build a tower say the sentence 'First there was ___ then ___ now ___ .'


Have a bag with towers of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cubes in. Take out 2 towers and if they add up to 5 then they can keep them. If they don't make 5 then put them back in the bag. Remember to take it in turns. The first player to make three 5s is the winner.

Who has the most number of towers?

Wednesday 20th January

Making 5


Look at the different pictures. Where is 5? Use the sentence, 5 is made up with 2 and 3. 2 and 3 is 5.

Click on the picture below. What can you see? Where is 5? Why are there no birds in the other tree? How can we make a number sentence this time? Write it down.

Thursday 21st January

Number Bonds to 5

Look around your home and collect groups of 5 objects to separate into two parts. Find all the ways to split 5 using different combinations. Say your  number sentence out loud eg. 4 and 1 makes 5.

Friday 22nd January

Number Bonds to 5

Can you you remember any number sentences that make 5?  Using a stick of 5 cubes, show your answers.

Click on the picture below. Which two circles make a total of 5? Draw your own circles containing the birds that make a total of 5.

How do you know it was right?  eg. because I know that 3 and 2 makes 5.

Write it down as a number sentence  3+2=5