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2D Shape


What do think Four would tell the other Numberblocks about after his adventure to Flatland?


Naming 2D Shapes

Count in 2s up to 20.

Name the shapes below and talk about the number of straight/curved sides and corners. Explain that a 2D shape is a flat shape.

Play the game below to practice your 2D shapes.



Identifying 2D Shapes

Count in 2s up to 20.

Recap the names and properties of the shapes from yesterdays session. Use the pictures to help you.

Play the game below to practice your 2D shapes.


What did the Numberblocks have to do to get to Pattern Palace?

How many different patterns can you make?

Using bricks, Lego, toys or natural objects found outside, create your own patterns. Think about colour, shape and size when creating your own patterns. 



Shape Patterns

Recap the names of the 2D shapes from earlier in the week.

Play the game below to practice patterns and shape.