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Monday 1st March

Tuesday 2nd March


Look at the green and grey squares that were made yesterday. What is the same and difference about these two Numberblocks?

They both have four corners and four sides. They are both as tall as they are wide. Show this by holding a Four in each hand. Lay one in front of the other and then rotate the one in front a quarter turn and show how it still fits exactly over. Repeat for the Nine.

Wednesday 3rd March

Square Numbers

What do you notice? Compare these pictures

(The two yellow ducks are in a row and the two green ducks are in a row.)

Is there another way to arrange the ducks?

Compare the two grids and introduce the word 'column'

How can we arrange the ducks in a different way?


Compare the two grids.

Using a 3x3 grid investigate different ways to arrange coloured counters.

Draw attention to the arrangements in columns and the fact that we still have three groups of 3.

9 is three groups of 3.

Thursday 4th March

Square Shapes

What do we call this shape?

Go on a square hunt around your home or outside. 

Record what you have found by drawing a picture and labelling it.

Friday 5th March

Making Squares

Explore ways of making squares from smaller squares using carpet tiles, square post-it notes or 2x2 building bricks.

What is the largest square you've made?

How many small squares did it take you to make it?