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Our Unit is made up of two mixed Year 5 & 6 classes taught by Mrs Cobb and Mr Terry. They will be supported by Miss Coote, Mrs Kerrigan, Mrs Ellison, Mrs Henfrey and Miss Issott.


Our timetable for a day's work is designed to maximise learning opportunities. Below is an overview of a typical day:


8:50am - School begins with registration

9:00am - Handwriting session

9:15am - Maths / English session 

9:45am - Worship (except Friday when Merit Assembly begins at 9:10am)

10:15am - National Breakfast Scheme

10:30 - Remainder of session prior to Assembly

11:00 - Maths / English Session

12:00pm - Lunch

12:50pm - Registration / Regroup time

1:00pm - Guided Reading

1:30 - Topic / Science / French / Guitar (depending on day)

2:45pm - Playtime

3:00pm - Maths Fluency skills

3:15pm - Class read

3:30pm - Home time






Our PE lessons are on Wednesday afternoons; however, we do ask that kit (black shorts, white T-shirt and a change of footwear) is kept in school, in case it is needed on another day. Labelling all uniform and PE kit with your child's name is strongly advised. Earrings must be removed on PE days to ensure the risk of serious injuries is minimised. 

PE for our Unit also includes sessions that are led by the local college students at Newark Academy, just a short walk from the school building. Mount School PE kit is necessary for college sessions too, including appropriate footwear.


Reading at Home and Rewards

We ask that you support your child learning to read. Please try and listen to them at home every night for a few minutes. Please feel free to read along with them at this time, if they are finding their book a little bit tricky. Please make sure when you listen to your child read, that you sign their diary. Every read at home recorded in their diary (and signed by an adult) is worth one dojo! When the children read 4 times per week, they will be rewarded with extra playtime on a Friday. Children are also rewarded with dojo points for achievements, effort, good manners, choosing the correct behaviours and demonstrating our school values.



We have a merit assembly every Friday at 9:10am. This is where we recognise and celebrate the children's achievements. All parents are welcome at this assembly and it would be lovely if you could join us. If your child is going to receive a certificate, we will let you know prior to the assembly taking place.



During the year, children who need a bit of extra help / intervention in Maths and English, will be supported in small groups or 1:1 sessions to meet their individual needs. These sessions, known as IMPACT sessions, will be tailored to each child's needs and will focus upon small step targets that will enhance their learning.

Staff within the Unit will also conduct 'Pre-Teaching' sessions during assemblies. These sessions will support children's learning, prepare them for the following lessons and provide opportunities to maximise their progress.


National Breakfast Scheme

Each day following Collective Worship, the children will have the choice to partake in breakfast as a whole class; a variety of cereals Mon-Thur and bagels on a Friday. Research has shown a direct link between the breakfast habits of children and their educational attainment, with children in primary schools where breakfast is provided achieving on average up to two months’ additional academic progress over the course of a year. Our exciting National School Breakfast Programme, in partnership with Magic Breakfast and funded by the Department for Education, is working to support our schools to improve access to healthy breakfasts and learning.

The service aims to:

  • Ensure more children receive a healthy breakfast at the start of their day.
  • Improve educational outcomes of young people



Trips are planned throughout the year to support the children's learning and provide them with exciting extra-curricular experiences; therefore, there is an expectation that all children attend all trips. For those children in receipt of Free School Meals (not universal Free Meals), trips are subsided and this will be detailed on all trip letters.

If you feel that you could be entitled for Free School Meals, please see Mrs Hall in the school office.



A Rumble in the Jungle!


This term we have a new topic - What did Dora Explore-a? - focusing on everything about South America. We have started with the Amazon Rainforest which the children have thoroughly enjoyed so far. In this lesson, they looked at the different layers of the rainforest and how in each, they differ in terms of climate, habitat and wildlife.

Les Saisons


Within our French lessons this new year, the children have begun to learn the seasons in French. They created some beautiful artwork with the accurate seasons written below. This is going to lead into learning clothing in French so that the children can say what they wear during which season.

Distance Learning - Spring

What did Dora Explore-a?


Design an information poster all about Deforestation


What gadgets might a secret agent need? Create a catalogue of your own designs.


Write a poem to help others remember the order of the planets.


Qu'est-ce que tu portes? - What are you wearing?

Create a puppet with changeable clothes that you can speak about in French


Was Jesus the Messiah? Can you find evidence in the bible to prove this?

Letter to Lady Macbeth


The children have delved deeper into Macbeth and have written their own interpretation of the letter he writes to his Fair Lady. Full of deceit, plot and moral dilemma, the children really took on the character of Macbeth and how he would be feeling. Their writing too was really accurate of the era in which they would have been writing in the time of the play. Excellent work!

"All hail Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor!"


We have begun to work on the famous Shakespearean play, Macbeth. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the gruesome tale of the Scottish King and re-enacted the first scene of the play. Getting into the characters of the witches, Banquo and Macbeth himself, the children performed in front of the rest of the unit with incredible expression and skill.

Rule Britannia!


As part of our topic this term - What makes Britain bangin'? - we have started to learn all about British geography. The children did some fantastic map work to locate and name all of the counties that make up England. Their work was beautifully presented and the learning was excellent! 

The Blitz


In learning all about World War II, the children created some beautiful Blitz artwork using a variety of art techniques. After having blended a mixture of colours to create a sunset or sunrise affect, they cut out a London skyline from black paper and placed it over the top to make a scene from the Blitz. Some even added planes and bombs to make it more creative.

Conscience Ally


The children have been doing some excellent work on the Shaun Tan text, The Arrival. A book without any words, the story is made completely from a picture story board affect that is fascinating to follow. The children were trying to get a better understanding of the main character so completed a conscience ally to really get into character. They were fantastic and this activity really supported their written work.

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