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Phonics & Reading

Phonics and Reading

At the Mount C of E Primary School the letters and sounds phonic programme is used across the whole school to support the teaching of reading.  Children learn to blend letters and groups of letters together to read words.


All children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 access a daily, discrete, systematic phonics lesson.  These sessions follow the Sound Reading System methodology using the sequence of letters and sounds programme.  The discrete sessions are a mixture of year group specific coverage and focused group sessions.


In Key Stage 2 children have discrete spelling sessions which cover age related expectations.  Theories and core spellings are taught in these sessions and children apply them independently throughout their writing.


At the Mount C of E Primary School we use a range of reading schemes and many other books that are widely available in book shops.  We aim to foster a real love of books and want the children to have access to high quality reading material.


In order to support children moving through different reading stages, all the books in school are Book Banded in to colours and Free Reader Levels.  Children will have a Reading Learning Ladder which contains a number of targets that they need to achieve before they move on to a new colour or level.


There is information on the school website to suggest how parents can support their child’s reading at home and the expectations for each year group are also published on the website.  Parents are also given a paper copy of this information to allow access for all parents.


Switch on and Precision Teaching is in place throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to give extra support to some children.

We do encourage parents to read with their children four times a week and record it in their reading diary.  Extra playtime will be given as a reward. 

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