Mount C of E Primary - School is closed today for INSET and will reopen on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 8.50am
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Mount C of E Primary Curriculum

At the Mount C of E Primary School, we intend to ensure that we deliver an engaging, exciting curriculum (based upon the 2014 National curriculum) which provides children with knowledge, skills and opportunities to raise aspirations and know to ‘let no one steal your dreams. Your only limit is the sky’. We firmly believe that through delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, the children will be exposed to a world of possibilities, accompanied by the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their dreams. 


As a school we ensure that emotional wellbeing is at the heart of our practice, to give the children the best possible chance to engage with our curriculum, through developing positive learning behaviours. We do this through a range of discreet and embedded experiences such as ‘Take 5’ practice, developing the children’s growth mindset, building resilience, mindfulness practices, restorative practice and celebrating diversity. Through various opportunities, we intend to take our school into the community and bring the community into our school to help to develop ‘the whole child’, boost parental engagement and maintain trusting home-school relationships. Also underpinning our curriculum at the Mount, are our CHURCH values: Caring, Hope, Understanding, Respect, Co-operation and Happiness.  


Our implementation of the curriculum ensures a clear progression of skills that children need to master in each year group. It is organised across the school into the three themes of Explore, Discover and Create. Within these themes, a cross-curricular approach is used and units of learning are made accessible for every child. We aim to make sure that learning at the Mount is memorable and provides plenty of opportunity to build aspiration, through use of hands-on-learning, visits and visitors.  

Quality first teaching is integral to our curriculum delivery at the Mount: we use high quality texts throughout the curriculum to enhance learning experiences, encourage familiarity and use of rich vocabulary and build a love for reading. 


The intended impact of our curriculum at the Mount is to create independent, successful and resilient learners who have high aspirations for their futures. It is our aim that children are keen to come to school, enthused about their learning and enjoy our curriculum. The children should make good or accelerated academic and personal progress during their time at the Mount to ensure they ready for the next stage in their lives. We are proud that our inclusive ethos and focus on quality first teaching guarantees that this encompasses all children including the disadvantaged and SEN, regardless of their cultures or backgrounds.  Adjustments are made where necessary to ensure that all needs are catered for and that the curriculum enables all children to succeed.


Please do not hesitate to speak with a member of staff if you require further information about our curriculum.