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Welcome to


Shaun Tan Unit

Our unit is named after the author we are studying within the first half term. Hopefully by looking at some of his amazing work, we will find some inspiration for our own writing!


The Shaun Tan Unit is made up of two mixed Year 5 & 6 classes taught by Mrs Cobb and Mr Terry. They will be supported by Mrs Wright, Mrs Kerrigan, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Ellison, and Miss Edis.


Our timetable for a day's work is designed to maximise learning opportunities. Below is an overview of a typical day:


8:50am - School begins with registration

9:00am - Handwriting session

9:15am - Maths / English session focused on application

9:45am - Worship (except Friday when Merit Assembly begins at 9:10am)

10:15am - Maths Fluency skills

10:30 - Maths / English

11:30 - Grammar/ Spelling (depending on day)

12:00pm - Lunch

12:50pm - Registration / Regroup time

1:00pm - Guided Reading

1:30 - Topic / Science / French / Guitar (depending on day)

2:45pm - Playtime

3:00pm - Maths Fluency skills

3:15pm - Class read

3:30pm - Home time






Our PE lessons are on Wednesday afternoons; however, we do ask that kit (black shorts, white T-shirt and a change of footwear) is kept in school, in case it is needed on another day. Labelling all uniform and PE kit with your child's name is strongly advised. Earrings must be removed on PE days to ensure the risk of serious injuries is minimised. 

PE for our Unit also includes sessions that are lead by the local college students at Newark Academy, just a short walk from the school building. Mount School PE kit is necessary for college sessions too, including appropriate footwear.


Reading at Home and Rewards

We ask that you support your child learning to read. Please try and listen to them at home every night for a few minutes. Please feel free to read along with them at this time, if they are finding their book a little bit tricky. Please make sure when you listen to your child read, that you sign their diary. Every read at home recorded in their diary (and signed by an adult) is worth one dojo! When the children read 4 times per week, they will be rewarded with extra playtime on a Friday. Children are also rewarded with dojo points for achievements, effort, good manners, choosing the correct behaviours and demonstrating our school values.



We have a merit assembly every Friday at 9:10am. This is where we recognise and celebrate the children's achievements. All parents are welcome at this assembly and it would be lovely if you could join us. If your child is going to receive a certificate, we will let you know prior to the assembly taking place.



During the year, children who need a bit of extra help / intervention in Maths and English, will be supported in small groups or 1:1 sessions to meet their individual needs. These sessions, known as IMPACT sessions, will be tailored to each child's needs and will focus upon small step targets that will enhance their learning.

Staff within the Unit will also conduct 'Pre-Teaching' sessions during assemblies. These sessions will support children's learning, prepare them for the following lessons and provide opportunities to maximise their progress.


Snack Money

Each day, the children are offered a snack mid-morning to keep them going through until lunch time. The snack varies from day to day but can be anything from fruit to a slice of toast. Snack is at a cost to each pupil, and we ask for 20p per day that they wish to have it. If you wish, we gladly accept a half terms payment at once, costing £1 a week for however long the half term is. We politely ask that all snack money is given into the class teacher and not at the school office. If you have any questions about snack money please don't hesitate to see a class teacher.



Trips are planned throughout the year to support the children's learning and provide them with exciting extra-curricular experiences; therefore, there is an expectation that all children attend all trips. For those children in receipt of Free School Meals (not universal Free Meals), trips are subsided and this will be detailed on all trip letters.

If you feel that you could be entitled for Free School Meals, please see Mrs Hall in the school office.






Learning Without Limits - Numeracy

W/c 16.10.17


It's been an excellent week so far for our Learning Without Limits week in Year  5/6. The children have really committed to their workshops and their attitude to learning has been fantastic. We have particularly enjoyed parent and family participators on Tuesday as a means of showcasing the children's excellent work and would like to thank all who attended. Here's to some great post-test results on Friday which we have no doubt will evidence the progression of all children within the unit!









Flower Dissection


As part of our Unit of Learning on Living things and their Habitats, the children learnt about the different parts to a flower. The vocabulary they were able to use afterward to describe a flower and how they reproduce was incredible and they LOVED the hands on, practical dissection of a Lilly to create their posters. Great scientists in the making for sure!

Handwriting Hero - 13.10.17

Handwriting Hero - 13.10.17 1

Handwriting Hero - 06.10.17

Handwriting Hero - 06.10.17 1

Handwriting Hero - 29.10.17

Handwriting Hero - 29.10.17 1

Handwriting Hero - 22.09.17

Handwriting Hero - 22.09.17 1

Handwriting Hero! 15.09.17

Handwriting Hero! 15.09.17 1 Well done Jayda!

Excellent writing from Arnas (Y5) in our first English focus, empathizing with characters!

Excellent writing from Arnas (Y5) in our first English focus, empathizing with characters!  1 By Arnas



Create a play script for the first chapter of The Arrival


Write yourself sums in Roman Numerals up to 1000



Research Hindu and Islam beliefs


Create a fact file about an endangered animal



Autumn 1 Newsletter

Useful Websites:































Thanks for a great year!


Enjoy the Summer Holidays and all the best to our Year 6 Leavers for thier new start in September!






Distance Learning - Summer 2

Distance Learning - Summer 2 1 Create a compost heap in a bottle!
Distance Learning - Summer 2 2 Create a Rain forest fact file.
Distance Learning - Summer 2 3 Invent a device to reduce water wastage.
Distance Learning - Summer 2 4 Survey the wild life in your area.
Distance Learning - Summer 2 5 Create a multi modal guide to protecting the Earth

Distance Learning Summer 1 - Europe

Distance Learning Summer 1 - Europe 1 Choose a European country and write a report
Distance Learning Summer 1 - Europe 2 What is the European union? What is Brexit?
Distance Learning Summer 1 - Europe 3 Design a coin to represent a European country
Distance Learning Summer 1 - Europe 4 How many European flags can you recognise?

Distance Learning Spring 2

Distance Learning Spring 2 1 Write a fact file about Louis Braille
Distance Learning Spring 2 2 What skills must a guide dog have?
Distance Learning Spring 2 3 Can you write a message in Braille?
Distance Learning Spring 2 4 Persuade someone to support the Guide dogs
Distance Learning Spring 2 5 Invent something to help the blind
Distance Learning Spring 2 6 Practise your times tables (see videos!)

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

3 times table practise to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Six Times Table Song! (Cover of CHEERLEADER by OMI)

Six times tables practise to Cheerleader by OMI

Eight Times Table Song (Cover of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor)

8 times tables practise to All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

Nine Times Table Song (90's Song Mashup)

9 times tables practice (Ask your parents about the songs!)

Seven Times Table Song (Cups by Anna Kendrick Cover) with Classroom Instruments

7 times tables practise to Cups by Anna Kendrick

Four Times Table Song (Blurred Lines Cover) with Classroom Instruments

4 Times table practise to Blurred Lines

PreLearning Task - Design a mythical Creature - Get creative!

Distance Learning (Autumn 2)

Distance Learning (Autumn 2) 1 When were Highwaymen present on British Roads?
Distance Learning (Autumn 2) 2 Search for a video of the Highwayman poem.
Distance Learning (Autumn 2) 3 Which colours does the author use? Why?
Distance Learning (Autumn 2) 4 What is a poetic refrain?
Distance Learning (Autumn 2) 5 Which words express the relationships in the poem?
Distance Learning (Autumn 2) 6 Why are Highwaymen often seen as heroic?

Some examples of our Highwayman artwork created using charcoal techniques...

Distance Learning

Distance Learning 1 Why would your house be floating around in space?
Distance Learning 2 Which unusual event could you include in a story?
Distance Learning 3 RUN! Which words could express the fear felt here?
Distance Learning 4 Then they flew away. What has become of the spots?
Distance Learning 5 What do you think of Chris' stories?
Distance Learning 6 Annie Taylor. The real Queen of the Falls.
Distance Learning 7 Which setting would you choose for a story?
Distance Learning 8 Over the falls in a barrel!
Distance Learning 9 A character description in 100 words
Distance Learning 10 How would it feel to ride a train downhill?
Distance Learning 11 How do animals move in the wilderness?
Distance Learning 12 Who is the strangest in this story?