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Welcome to the

Roald Dahl Unit.


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Our unit is named after the author we are studying within the first half term. Hopefully by looking at some of his amazing work, we will find some inspiration for our own writing!


The Roald Dahl Unit is made up of three mixed Year 3 & 4 classes taught by Mrs Chadburn, Mrs Kelly and Miss Byard. They will be supported by Miss Rhodes, Mrs Ellison, Miss Edis, Mrs Bloszyk and Miss Tomlinson.


Our timetable for a day's work is designed to maximise learning opportunities. Below is an overview of a typical day:


8:50am - School begins with registration

9:00am - Handwriting session

9:15am - Maths / English session focused on application

9:45am - Worship (exempt Friday when Merit Assembly begins at 9:10am)

10:15am - Maths Fluency skills

10:30 - Maths / English

11:30 - Guided Reading /Grammar/ Spelling (depending on day)

12:00pm - Lunch

12:50pm - Registration / Regroup time

1:00pm - Spelling / Grammar / Maths investigation (depending on day)

1:30 - Topic / Science / French / Ukulele (depending on day)

2:30pm - Playtime

2:45pm Maths Fluency skills

3:00pm - Class read / Guided Reading







We have created fact files about Roald Dahl. Enjoy!

We have created fact files about Roald Dahl. Enjoy! 1
We have created fact files about Roald Dahl. Enjoy! 2
We have created fact files about Roald Dahl. Enjoy! 3



Welcome back after the Christmas holidays...and a very happy New Year!


This term, we will be learning all about the Romans, how they lived and how they have affected the way we live today.


Try answering some of the following questions:













Spring 2018 Newsletter

Learning Without Limits - Numeracy

W/C 29th January 2018



We had a fabulous Learning Without Limits week in Year 3/4 when we had workshops covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, 2D shape, 3D shape and Mathletics.  The overwhelming feedback from children was that they had learned new skills and strategies to help them progress and deepen their Maths knowledge.  At the end of the week, we were also delighted to welcome parents into the classroom to learn alongside their children.  

Picture 1

The children learnt about the meaning of the school's values. As a reflection activity, the children drew what happiness looked like to them. We captured some of the illustrations.

School's Values

School's Values 1 File 06-10-2017, 11 55 10.jpeg




Our PE lessons are on Friday afternoons; however, we do ask for kit (black shorts, white T-shirt and a change of footwear) is kept in school on your child's peg, in case it is needed on another day. Labelling all uniform and PE kit with your child's name is strongly advised. Earrings must be removed on PE days to ensure the risk of serious injuries is minimised.


Reading at Home and Rewards

We ask that you support your child learning to read. Please try and listen to them at home every night for a few minutes. Please feel free to read along with them at this time, if they are finding their book a little bit tricky. Please make sure when you listen to your child read, that you sign their diary. Every read at home recorded in their diary (and signed by an adult) is worth one dojo! When the children read 4 times per week, they will be rewarded with extra playtime on a Friday. Children are also rewarded with dojo points for achievements, effort, good manners, choosing the correct behaviours and demonstrating our school values.



We have a merit assembly every Friday at 9:10am. This is where we recognise and celebrate the children's achievements. All parents are welcome at this assembly ad it would be lovely if you could join us. If your child is going to receive a certificate, we will let you know prior to the assembly taking place.



During the year, children who need a bit of extra help / intervention in Maths and English, will be supported in small groups or 1:1 sessions to meet their individual needs. These sessions, known as IMPACT sessions, will be tailored to each child's needs and will focus upon small step targets that will enhance their learning.

Staff within the Unit will also conduct 'Pre-Teaching' sessions during assemblies. These sessions will support children's learning, prepare them for the following lessons and provide opportunities to maximise their progress.



Trips are planned throughout the year to support the children's learning and provide them with exciting extra-curricular experiences; therefore, there is an expectation that all children attend all trips. For those children in receipt of Free School Meals (not universal Free Meals), trips are subsided and this will be detailed on all trip letters.

If you feel that you could be entitled for Free School Meals, please see Mrs Hall in the school office.








Useful Websites

Distance Learning Activities Autumn Term 2 2017

Who makes promises? What promises will you make?

                                                                    Who makes promises? What promises will you make? 1

Math Magicians!

How many ways can you make the total 20? Which operations could you use?


8 is the answer, what could be the question?


What facts can you recall about doubling a number? Halving a number?


Can you think of other ways to generate the same answer to ...'Double 3 is the same as...'?


This half-term we will be writing a formal letter to the Cinema. When would you need to write a formal letter?  What type of language would you include? Are letters easier to write than emails? Which do you prefer to write?

Don't forget to include your non-negotiables!

Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Who was Arcimboldo? What is he famous for?


What makes a good artist?


Could you create a drawing similar to his designs?

Distance Learning - Autumn 1 2017/18


The Stone Age


During the Autumn Term we will be learning about the Stone Age and,more specifically, pre-historic Britain. Some of the questions the children would like answers to are listed below.  If the children can do research at home via books or the internet, this would give them a head start in their History lessons.


What animals were around in the Stone Age?


What did people eat in the Stone Age?


How did they make buildings?  What did they use?


How did they make their clothes?

Did they wear jewellery?

How did they entertain themselves?


Did they have pets?


How did the children learn?  Did they have schools?


How did they communicate?


How did they keep themselves safe?





Can you list 5 facts about Roald Dahl? 

Can you name any Roald Dahl books                                     


What do you know about forces and magnets?

What would you like to find out?



                           Can you recall the 7 steps of creation?



Mount C of E Primary School e-Safety rules


  • I will only use ICT in school for school purposes

  • I will only use my class or own school e-mail address when e-mailing

  • I will only open e-mails, attachments from people I know, or who my teacher has approved

  • I will not tell other people my ICT passwords

  • I will only open/delete my own files

  • I will make sure that when I contact people using ICT, it is polite and sensible

  • I will not look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant. If I accidently find anything like this I will tell my teacher or an adult immediately

  • I will not give out any personal details such as my name, phone number or home address

  • I will not arrange to meet anyone unless a responsible adult comes with me

  • I will not upload or add any images, video, sounds or text that could upset anybody

  • I know that my use of ICT can be checked and that my parent is contacted if a member of school staff is concerned about my eSafety

2016 - 2017




It was an exciting week last week, culminating in the Year 3/4 children's first swimming lesson! The children were thoroughly excited and lessons got off to a brilliant and promising start.

Just a reminder to all parents that from now on, every Friday, children must bring:


  • A towel
  • tight swimming trunks for boys (not loose swimming shorts)
  • A swimming costume for girls (no bikinis)


If your children require goggles for medical reasons, a letter can be collected form class teachers in the Year 3/4 unit upon drop off or collection of your child(ren). Please note that without this letter, children are not permitted to wear goggles in the pool during lessons. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.






It was the turn of Year 4 to do their Bikeability course this week and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The course helps them to become more familiar with their bikes and learn skills that they can take with them out on the open roads. We have really appreciated the chance for our children to develop these skills. We're happy in the knowledge they will be safer on their bikes from now on - with a certificate to prove it!

Distance Learning - Spring 2



How do visually impaired people improve their quality of life?


How could you go about daily tasks if you were blind?


What challenges are there for deaf people?


How does the ear work?


What is sound?


What methods of communication can blind and deaf people use?



What's the difference between pitch and volume?


How many different ways to communicate can you think of?


Welcome Back!

We hope that you have all enjoyed the half term break.




Some of our Year 3 children had a great time doing their Bikeability this week. It was a 2 hour session where the children improved their bicycle awareness skills, learning how to stay safe on their bikes in different situations. They even got certificates to prove they had passed the course. It was a great time had by all involved. This week some of our Year 4 children will be doing the same.

Distance Learning - Spring 1 Term


How have the Ancient Egyptians impacted on our lives today?


Who was Tutankhamun?


What was it like to be a child in Ancient Egypt?


How would you feel if you discovered ancient treasure?


What did the Ancient Egyptians eat?


Where in the world is Egypt?


Why was the River Nile so important to the Ancient Egyptians?


Who did the Ancient Egyptians worship?

NUMERACY - Questions to help deepen learning


How can my numeracy knowledge help me in the outside world?


What do I need to do next  to move forward in my learning?


Year 3: Make up a 3-digit number where the sum of the numbers is 9, e.g. 333 or 450.•What is the largest number you can make?•What is the second largest number you can make?•What is the smallest number you can make?


Year 4: Put the numbers between -5 to +5 accurately on a number line







Learning Without Limits - Reading Workshops

wc. 12.12.16


This week we have had another Learning Without Limits workshop week, focusing on difficult reading skills that are required of Year 3/4 children. Every child within the unit has completed a workshop lead by a staff member in all of the following areas:


  • Skimming and Scanning
  • Quoting directly from the text
  • Text Marking
  • Reading a text with expression
  • Using a dictionary (for ambitious vocabulary)


They have been really effective and the knowledge the children have taken away from every one will hopefully show in their future reading. Don't forget to read with your child at home so they can practice these skills further! We always appreciate your home support in their learning!

Nativity vs. Easter



We had a very interesting RE lesson this week where we debated over the importance of Jesus' birth and death. We used our own Christian values to decide on whether our faith holds more importance on the birth of Jesus (the Nativity story) or his death (the Easter story). The children were fantastic and as staff we couldn't believe the mature and well explained arguments they were raising. It even made us think! Safe to say were very proud of our children afterward on such an in-depth Christian topic.

Santa's Grotto at Sherwood Forest



We had such a fantastic time at Sherwood Forest last week where the children had the chance to visit Santa in his very own grotto! Everyone received a special gift and was able to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. We even went on a fact-finding Winter Trail around the forest where we saw the Major Oak! Chocolate treats were waiting for everyone on our return too. It was a very special day where lots of memories were made!



Trip Dates - 2016/2017



Below are all of the exciting visits we have planned throughout the year! Prices for each will be told closer to the actual organisation of the visit. We look forward to some exciting out-of-school excursions!


Visit Date
Suggy's Gym 18.10.16
Santa's Grotto at Sherwood Forest / Newark Palace Theatre Pantomime 06.12.16 / 14.12.16
Egyptian Themed Day within Unit 09.01.17
Magna Science Adventure Centre 23.03.17
'Natural Growth' Themed Day within Unit 24.04.17
Newfield Dairy Ice Cream Parlour 19.06.17


Reading Support



In our school we are always trying to promote reading in our children, particularly away from school such as at home with you, their parents! Below is a leaflet we have created to offer support in how you can make your child's reading experience engaging and worthwhile with hints, tips and good questioning to test their understanding of the book! We hope it helps!

Reading at Home - Advice and Support

Harry Potter Yoga!

As part of our PE scheme this half term, the children have been taking part in team building, gymnastics - and Yoga! They have really loved the challenging stretches and the different themes we have exercised to. Below was last weeks lesson, following the story line to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - the children loved it and so did the staff!



Anti-Bullying and Healthy Minds Week

wc. 14.11.16


This week as a whole school, the children have focused on the issue of Bullying. Amongst a range of different activities, our Unit created some of our own 'scenarios' whereby each group portrayed a type of bullying and showed how we should respond as bystanders to these situations. The children thoroughly got into their roles and some excellent drama was created.

Distance Learning (Autumn Term)



Image result for thought evoking pictures ks2

If you could use one word to describe this scene, what would it be?



Imagine you are the animals in the picture, how might you be feeling?


 Image result for thought evoking pictures ks2

Can you think of a descriptive sentence about the different animals in this picture?

Literacy Games


Daily reading is essential for helping your child improve their reading skills. Here are a list of books for both Year 3 and 4 children to be encouraged to read at home!


Year 3 children:



Year 4 children:

Maths Games




This week the children will be creating their own version of the clay poppies displayed on the Tower of London last year in rememberance of the soldiers who fought during WWI. In preparation for this, they designed their poppy first using water colours to show shading and 3D effects. The results were beautiful - look below!




Structured Conversations



It is now time to have the opportunity to discuss your child's progress with their class teacher. Appointments have been made and sent out to all parents giving you a time and date to come and speak to us. If this is not suitable for you, please let your child's class teacher know and they will happily find a time that is OK for you. 

Important Dates



There are lots of exciting events happening this half term, so here are  a list of the important dates to remember!     


Tuesday 6th December - Santa's Grotto Trip at Sherwood Forest

Wednesday 14th December - Pantomime at Newark Palace Theatre

                                                - ALL children required to bring sandwiches for lunch

Thursday 15th December - Christmas Dinner at lunch time

Friday 16th December @ 2pm - Nativity performed by Year 3/4 children

Tuesday 20th December - Last day of school before Christmas holiday.

Welcome Back!

We hope that you have all enjoyed the half term break.



Big Write



We also had our final Big Write of this half term where the children wrote their own persuasive, formal letters. They really showed off with their knowledge of the features of a letter and the quality of the arguments and writing from everyone was fantastic. Safe to say we're very proud of our children's hard work - WELL DONE EVERYONE!


Let's get fit!



Our Unit spent a fantastic afternoon at Suggy's Gym this week, tying in with one of our core texts, 'Willy the Wimp'. Suggy's very kindly put on a fantastic array of workshops for the children, discussing the different martial arts and fitness schedules and giving the children an opportunity to try these for themselves! An excellent time was had by all and the children were definitely panting and feeling the muscle ache afterwards!






It's been another interesting week in Science for Year 3/4 - learning all about our teeth and how we should care for them. The children conducted a strange experiment with eggs as shells are made from the same enamel as our own teeth. We want to find out what different drinks would do to our teeth if we didn't brush them regularly. The results are already looking intriguing...

Learning Without Limits

week commencing: 10.10.16


It's workshop week in our Unit this week, with our focus being Numeracy. The children underwent an initial assessment on Monday which has been followed by two days of a series of workshops the children attend to improve their learning. Our key areas for the workshops have been:


Place Value                    Partitioning          


 Written numbers            Addition 


Our re-test will be taking place tomorrow where the children will hopefully be able to see their progress after their hard work throughout the week. As these areas have been our core topic areas this half term, why not practice with your child at home and give them the opportunity to show off!

Persuasive Letters


The children have started to write their persuasive letters based on our work over the past few literacy lessons. The quality of work is already amazing and we're really proud of the children's efforts on the topic. Just look at some of these fantastic opening paragraphs. Do they convince you?






The children in our Unit have been learning all about the Digestion System in Science this week - even making their own poo! Luckily it was only pretend though, but they thoroughly enjoyed the practical and everyone had a great understanding of how our bodies digest food and drink!




What do you think?



Beginning this week in Literacy, the children have started to look at features of a Persuasive Text. Using one of our core texts, 'The Zoo' by Anthony Browne, the children have been thinking about animals in captivity and whether it's right or wrong. With some fantastic and mature discussions, the children are really getting into the topic and are working towards their own persuasive letter either for or against captive animals. 









Star Award

**CONGRATULATIONS** to Dakota-Patricia for winning the Star Award last Week.

That's two weeks in a row it has gone to our Unit. Keep up the good work children!!!

Starry Night



As Van Gogh appeared in our key text, some of our art work this past week has been to recreate one of his most famous pieces, 'Starry Night'. The children carefully followed a tutorial to replicate Van Gogh's work. The end results were incredible!

Joseph the Dreamer



To fit in with our topic, and based on our key text 'Willy the Dreamer' by Anthony Browne, the children created their own tie-dyed fabrics to represent Joseph's fascinating coat. These are now displayed beautifully outside our Unit within school. They created some fantastic and interesting designs!