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Welcome to the

Anthony Browne Unit.


Our Unit is named after the author we are studying within our first topic ‘Open a Book’. Anthony Browne writes, and illustrates, some fantastic books for children with deep and thought provoking 

themes. Hopefully by looking at his work we will find some inspiration for our own writing.


The Anthony Browne Unit is made up of three mixed Year 3 and 4 classes taught by Mrs Chadburn, Mrs Kelly and Miss Byard. They will be supported by Miss Rhodes, Mrs Priestley, Mrs Anderson, Miss Dobbs, Mrs Ellison and Mrs Worthington.

Our time table for a day’s work is designed to maximise learning opportunities. Below is an overview of a typical day:


8:50am - School Begins with registration 
9:00am - Handwriting session

9:15am - Literacy/ Numeracy session focused upon application
9:45am - Worship (except Friday when Merit assembly begins at 9:10am)
10:15am - Grammar/ Spelling/Mental Maths (depending on day)
10:45am - Maths skills and snack
11:00am - Literacy/ Numeracy lesson
12:00pm - Lunch

12:50pm - Registration/Regroup time
1:00pm - Spelling/Guided Reading
1:30pm - Topic/Science/French/Ukelele (depending on day)
2:30pm - Playtime
2:45pm - Reading session

3:15pm - Class story
3:30pm - School ends


Our learning and teaching is planned through a topic based curriculum where each topic encompasses key areas for development.

Here are our topic areas for this year:



School Theme

Unit Theme

Year 3 and 4 Topic


Autumn 1

Open a Book

Anthony Browne

         What underlying messages does Anthony Browne cover in his texts?   


Autumn 2

Let’s Perform


Why is it important to remember?


Spring 1

Times Past


How have the Egyptians impacted on our life today?


Spring 2


Blindness and Deafness

How do we make sense of the world around us?


Summer 1

Finding Out

Natural Disasters

What makes a disaster?


     Summer 2     


    and Make   

Grow it, Eat it

Where does our food come from?








Our PE lessons are on Friday’s, however, we do ask that kit (black shorts, white t-shirt and a change of footwear) is kept in school on your child’s peg in case it is needed on another day. Labelling all uniform and PE with your child’s name is strongly advised. This way we can return any items that are misplaced. Earrings must be removed on PE days to ensure the risk of serious injuries is minimised.



Reading at home and rewards

We ask that you support your child learning to read. Please try to listen to them at home every night for a few minutes. Please feel free to read along with them at this time if they are finding their book a little tricky. Please make sure that when you listen to your child read, you sign their diary. Every read at home recorded in their diary is worth a dojo point! When children read 4 times a week they will be rewarded with extra playtime on a Friday. Children are also rewarded with dojo points for achievements, effort, good manners and behaviour and kindness to others.




We have a merit assembly every Friday at 9:10am. This is where we recognise the children’s achievements. All parents are welcome at this assembly and it would be lovely if you could join us. If your child is going to receive a certificate we will let you know prior to the assembly taking place.



During the year children who need extra support/ intervention in literacy or numeracy will be supported in small groups or 1:1 sessions to support their individual needs. These sessions, known as IMPACT sessions, will be tailored to each child’s needs and focus upon small step targets that will enhance their learning.

Staff within the unit will also conduct ‘Pre-Teaching Sessions’ during assemblies. These sessions will support children’s learning, preparing them for the following lesson and providing opportunities to maximise their progress.


Trips are planned throughout the year to support the children’s learning and provide them with exciting extra-curricular experiences - therefore there is an expectation that all children attend all trips. For those children in receipt of Free School Meals (not Universal Free Meals), trips are subsidised and this will be detailed on all trip letters. 

If you feel that you could be entitled to Free School Meals, please see Mrs Hall in the school office.


Distance Learning

     How many Roald Dahl books can you name?

See the link below to see how Maths is delivered as part of our Unit and the school as a whole. 

The Maths Curriculum at Mount CofE Primary School

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.