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2017/18 Curriculum for Year 1 and 2 




Year 1/2 topic 

Curriculum areas

Autumn 1


How do you Recognise a Johnny Duddle Book? 

Literacy - letter, character description, story re-tell

Numeracy- Number and place value
Science – The human body
Art – Turner paintings 

Geography: maps
Music – Use voices to sing
PE – Mastering basic movements
RE – How we show we care for others?

ICT- E-safety

Autumn 2


Under The Sea! 

Literacy – Poetry, reports 
Numeracy: Measurement and money, multiplication and division
Science – Living things and their habitats

Geography: Locate the oceans on a map
Music – Play untuned instruments
PE – Performing dances using movement patterns
RE – Who celebrates what and why?

DT: design and create a model ship

Spring 1


The Great Fire of London

Literacy – Letter writing, historical stories, recounts
Numeracy: Statistics and Geometry
Science – Seasonal Changes/ properties of materials
Art – Blending and tone work
Humanities – Events beyond living memory, locate landmarks on an areal map
PE – Ball skills

RE - Churches/Synagogues places of worship

ICT - Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content 

Spring 2


Our Favourite Authors

Literacy- book review, story re-tell, postcard 

Numeracy-Number and fractions, measurement

Art-book illustrations and drawing skills

DT-make and design a pop up book

Science-microhabitats (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

ICT-create a game

PE- Gymnastics 

RE- Celebrations and festivals 

Summer 1


African Animals

Literacy – Tinga Tales, Fact Files, stories set in other countries.
Numeracy: Position and direction, Problem solving
Science – Animals including humans
Humanities – Contrasting our local area to another non-European location.
Art - sunset pictures, African print

RE-Stories of Jesus- What can we learn from them? 
PE – Dance

ICT - Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs

Summer 2


Healthy Living

Literacy – Instructions, non-fiction, explanation text
Numeracy: Time, mass capacity and temperature.
RE– Understanding Christianity - Easter

Humanities - Local area
Art – Still life
PE – Team games

DT: cooking

RE- What is the good news that Jesus brings? 

ICT - create programs and de-bug

Science- plants, being healthy




Our PE lessons are on Monday’s, however, we do ask that kit (black shorts, white t-shirt and a change of footwear) is kept in school on your child’s peg in case it is needed on another day. Labelling all uniform and PE with your child’s name is strongly advised. This way we can return any items that are misplaced. Earrings must be removed on PE days to ensure the risk of serious injuries is minimised.



Reading at home and rewards

StoryworksWe ask that you support your child learning to read. Please try to listen to them at home every night for a few minutes. Please feel free to read along with them at this time, if they are finding their book a little tricky. Please make sure that when you listen to your child read, you sign their diary. Every read at home recorded in their diary is worth a dojo point! When children read 4 times a week they will be rewarded with extra playtime on a Friday. Children are also rewarded with dojo points for achievements, effort, good manners and behaviour and kindness to others.




We have a merit assembly every Friday at 9:00am. This is where we recognise the children’s achievements. All parents are welcome at this assembly and it would be lovely if you could join us. If your child is going to receive a certificate will let you know.



During the year children who need extra support/ intervention in literacy of numeracy will be supported in small groups or 1:1 sessions to support their individual needs. These sessions, known as IMPACT sessions, will be tailored to each child’s needs and focus upon small step targets that will enhance their learning. Staff within the unit will conduct ‘Pre-Teaching Sessions’ during assemblies. These sessions will support children’s learning, preparing them for the following lesson and providing opportunities to maximise their progress.


Trips are planned throughout the year to support the children’s learning and provide them with exciting extra-curricular experiences - therefore there is an expectation that all children attend all trips. For those children in receipt of Free School Meals (not Universal Free Meals), trips are subsidised and this will be detailed on all trip letters.  If you feel that you could be entitled to Free School Meals, please see Mrs Hall in the school office.