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Paws for Thought... the Mount Business Tycoons 2017


Well, the competition finished after 7 frantic weeks on 15th December and we had to wait until the New Year before everyone had entered their Sales data to find out how we had performed.  The leaderboard shows that we came 3rd in the profit stakes...this is a national competition so we came 3rd in the country when it came to making money!!  Absolutely fantastic news for the school and for Newark.  The Newark Advertiser have visited us to interview our Tycoons and they are publishing our story on Thursday 18th January 2018.  We are now biting our nails while waiting to see if we will be invited to Buckingham Palace in the spring where the top schools compete against one another for the overall Business Tycoon award - it's not just about how much profit the schools make but all the other aspects of running a business.  Keep your fingers...and toes...crossed that we receive our invitation!!


We have entered a national competition called 'Tycoon in Schools' which has been created and funded by Peter Jones of 'Dragon's Den' fame and requires KS2 children to set up and run a business that will trade during the Autumn 2 school term.


Last year we ran a green screen photographic business that was very successful, especially with Christmas themed presents.  This year, we asked all children in the school for ideas about what our business should be.  There were lots and lots of ideas but a theme running through it was pets.  We decided to make healthy handmade treats for dogs, cats and rabbits and agreed on the name 'Paws for thought...'  Our Business Tycoons come from year 5 and 6 and include Kaylin, Kyian and Arnas who were Business Tycoons last year and then Cooper, Simon, Weronika, Cameron and Jlya joined them to make up our team for this year.  As well as pet treats, Jlya came up with the idea of making pet themed handmade soaps so owners could treat themselves too.


We hope to make as much money as possible so that we are in with a good chance of going to Buckingham Palace in the spring to collect the 'Tycoon in Schools' award...that would be mind blowing!!  So, we are asking as many people as possible to support us and buy some of our treats. 


You can get an order form from reception or send us an email to  We will also be selling treats every Friday evening outside Mrs Kent's office.


Please help us achieve our dream of winning the competition this year!!


Picture 1 Our dog and cat treats cost just £2.50 per bag